Friday, September 30, 2011

Tattered TV - Tattered Angels/Basically Bare Web Class!

join me for a free class!  Wednesday, October 5 at 6pm (pst)

Seasonal Journal - TatteredTV

Featuring Tattered Angels paint products and Basically Bare alterable items. the Basically Bare Simply Shapely Album features 5 different types of surface to craft on - chipboard, felt, canvas, corrugated cardboard and acrylic.

we will use Tattered Angels products among a few other things to mist it, distress it, paper it, stamp it and paint it. we add a few pockets for memorabilia, lots of tags for journaling memorable moments and still leave space on each page to add photos!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Tattered Angels and May Arts...SWEET!

hello all!  So happy to have the opportunity to have a blast playing with the May Arts ribbons and Tattered Angels products...seriously beautiful selection and quality.  The possibilities are truly endless!
in playing with the May Arts ribbons this week, i decided to use them in a few different ways...this is an altered portfolio keeper that i designed for a "List" project i am working on (below)...
to begin with i traded out the standard elastic with this awesome stretchy Lace for my closure (above)...worked perfectly!
i then used some of the versatile silk ribbon on the inside to lace up some brads and create a place to stash mementos (below)...
i affixed some of the vintage-looking Crochet Ribbon with brads heat embossed with Glimmer Mist and Glimmer Glam for a detailed edge to my sewn-on pocket (below)...

i tinted some of the Solid/Center Stitched ribbon with Glimmer Mist (below) and used them to decorate my Glimmer Mist tinted tags...
finally, i used my favorite of all of the ribbons i worked with - the Solid/Wrinkled Ribbon - and created a simple accent bow on the inside...
...and again on the outside.  this time i used more of the silk ribbon (crumpled and dipped in Glimmer Mist) tied with it for accent.
the finished portfolio has all kinds of places to hide and/or display things (below).  the Tattered Angels products gave it sparkle and shine; the May Arts gave it all kinds of ribbony goodness!
thank you for stopping go play with some ribbon!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ribbon Beauties


Check out the sneaks for the Tattered Angels/May Arts Blog Hop coming up on September 18...

perty perty stuff!

Friday, September 2, 2011

every. single. day???

i just signed in for a journaling project.  lasts a month and consists of using daily prompts to journal and/or make lists.  i'm a pretty sucky journal-er, so this is going to be a challenge for me, LOL!

check it out for yourself:  30 Days of Lists

here is a cover pic of the journal
 (7 gypsies medium portfolio)
i'm using :

and a pic of the inside:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

so, this one time...i spilled some TA product on a photo...

...ruining that copy of the photo of course, but in a really pretty way, LOL!  have you ever tried Tattered Angels products on photo paper?  i've been playing with it lately and have discovered some pretty cool results :)  keep in mind that my pictures blow, as usual, and you really can't appreciate the glimmer and shine plus the vibrant colors on the photo paper until you do this yourself...give it a shot :)
the Mists are neat because the colors are so bright!  you do have very little work time though, the inks settle in immediately. leaving them on a bit longer does give a bit more saturated color (below) - but pretty much what you spray (or flick, or drizzle or paint :D) is what you get...
i think my favorite Tattered Angels product on the photo paper is the chalkboard (below)...normally they result in a soft, dreamy, rapid-dry color, but on this paper...BAAAAM! they float and swirl and blend and make neato new colors with rings and auras around them :D you can use multiple colors of chalk or combine chalk and mist.
i haven't experimented as much with the glam or the glaze yet, but here is one i did with the chalkboard and some glam (below)- pretty stinkin cool!
one last thing i've been playing with is Tattered paints, shaving cream and photo paper.  it's a pretty cool technique - messy, of course, but you get some very nifty results (below). awesome for just the perfect background paper, look for more on this technique in an upcoming class! :D
thanks for looking,

Saturday, July 30, 2011

sneak peek: fun to come :)

with just a glimpse of where some of my inspiration came from:

hold Tattered Angels class coming :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Grunge": the great cover-up

i am a very messy scrapper. i knock stuff over and i smear things that aren't dry and i smudge things with the colors from another project. my table is a disaster after i finish a, i discovered my "style" and i'm pretty sure i get to call it grungy. honestly, at times things are unfix-able and i have to start over again, but more often than not i kinda dig what turns out...
this shadow box is a GREAT example of Shawna - the disaster scrapper's messy thing of beauty :)  it started out as an unfinished wooden shadow box, some standard patterned paper and stark white cheesecloth:and soon became a variety of gorgeous Glimmer Mist Paints...i misted the box with a combination of Brown Sugar and Apple Glimmer Mists. i painted a top coating of Glimmer Glam in Chandelier to bring out the shine.

i held the cheesecloth in a loose ball and sprayed with bursts of Apple, Sugar Maple, Cranberry Zing and Pomegranate; opening, shifting and re-balling the cheesecloth after each color.

the patterned paper was pretty, but didn't match what i wanted to do; so i misted it with Apple Pomegranate and Cranberry Zing Mists.

the "remember" tag was white with raised velvet and clear embossing on it. i also used the Apple and Pomegranate colors to enhance it; brayering off the extra mist to get the resist to pop.

i used Apple and Pomegranate Mists and then Chandelier Glam on some of Tim Holtz's Grungeboard for accents. i didn't want them very dark, so after i applied the Apple and let it dry, i applied the Pom and brayered it off immediately afterwards. you see the flecks of the Pom, but it doesn't overpower the accent.

i sprayed some sinamay Mesh and silk flowers that i had (again, in the wrong colors) with Mist to get them to coordinate with the rest of my project.

a bit more fussing here and there and my finished project is just the right amount of grungabooty for me!

Friday, June 10, 2011

possibly new to you: 6

rule # 1:  shrinky dink is flippin' COOL!  i ran the shrinky dink paper through my printer, punched holes where i wanted them and then baked that sucker for a dimensional, book-like journaling effect. like i said, flippin' cool!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

completely UNcontrolled chaos...

ripped up carpet in the office the other day, gonna put down wood laminate flooring and i am so excited!  i'm thinking i never knew what true slobs we (read: my children) really were until we rolled up that carpet.  egads. anyway, slight chaos at the moment, i can only reach a few things and hopefully we will get it all cleaned up in the next couple of weeks.

taking a break :)

left side of the room (AKA: kid's half)

Right side of the room (AKA: MINE stay out!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a way-cool announcement :)

i have had the privilege of being selected as a Certified Educator for Tattered Angels out of Loveland, CO.  how cool is that?  my plan is to schedule on-line project classes as well as classes out in the field - you Californians watch for me at a scrapbook store near you.  i will be showing you some cool techniques and applications using Tattered Angels paints, as well as showcasing some of the newest products from Prima, Pink Paislee and Walnut Hollow.

i KNOW, right?

ok, for those of you that know me...*I* realize i'm socially-stunted and that this is way out of character for me - so, keep your fingers crossed that i can actually get through a class without tripping over something and pulling down a table or two somewhere along my descent.  just in case you do schedule a class with me, remember two things:  expect the unexpected and a concealable video camera is never a bad idea.  feel free to send me your local scrapbook store info and i will contact them to find out if they have an interest in scheduling a Tattered Angels class.

as far as on-line classes go, i'm still working out the details of for more information to come.  subscribe to my blog for in-your-inbox updates and remember:  shayna lives the easy life, shawna is the creative one.  so very important to not get the two confused :D

Monday, May 23, 2011

possibly new to you: 5

sew on your page...first off, i don't sew. but i love how it looks.  i used a punch to get my squares uniform (as my cutter LIES to me constantly) and then adhered them with a patch of adhesive (to be sure they stayed where i wanted them, as i am wont to knocking crap off of my table while working), and then just ran my sewing machine in a straight line.  i know, right?  the "straight line" was the hardest part of the layout, LOL!  i love the patchwork can use all of the same patterned papers or mix it up with coordinating papers, like i did.

possibly new to you: 4

layering for a cool title...i ran vellum through the printer two separate times with different fonts in different spaces with different boldnesses.  a bit tricky, but i practiced on regular copy paper to get it just right.

possibly new to you: 3

sometimes a mistake is a cool thing.  evidently, i mounted this letter stamp upside-down...didn't notice it until i stamped it and thought "hey, cool variation on that mixed font thing".

possibly new to you: 2

using different fonts in your titles.  or maybe using upper and lower fonts of the same set...

possibly new to you: 1

add some detail with minimal effort. these are lacing loopy brads...could be used with floss, fibers, ribbons, jute, leather, pretty much anything you can tie.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

don't be scared...

it's a bit of a swerve from my norm - still me, just me trying to seem like an adult as opposed to my usual raunchy teenage-boy persona   :)

this is a place where i plan to show you my creative side.  truly scrapbooking/altering has been the one thing that i love to do that i don't completely suck at.  i might still sorta suck at it, but definitely not full-suckage ;)  i have plans to load pictures of projects here; past and upcoming.  sneak peeks and how-to's.  stick with me while i get this up and'll be worth it.  if for no other reason than to snort at my attempts to keep shayna out of my craft room. you'll learn all about her later. [ok, maybe not all about her.  if i told you all about her...well, a) you'd be scarred for life and 2) you would probably want to lock her in chains and put her on display. i hafta protect my girl shayne at all cost.  i took an oath. it's what i do.]

those of you who really know me, know that there are very few things i have under control in my life.  when i create, it's still chaos, but it is an area where i do have a bit of actual control.  it's kinda fun to act like a "sorta"  grown-up sometimes. of course i have to lock myself in a room and isolate myself from the rest of the world.  if any actual video got out of me being all serious and junk it could ruin my street cred.  it's taken me years to earn that, jeebus, i'm not just gonna give it away.