Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a way-cool announcement :)

i have had the privilege of being selected as a Certified Educator for Tattered Angels out of Loveland, CO.  how cool is that?  my plan is to schedule on-line project classes as well as classes out in the field - you Californians watch for me at a scrapbook store near you.  i will be showing you some cool techniques and applications using Tattered Angels paints, as well as showcasing some of the newest products from Prima, Pink Paislee and Walnut Hollow.

i KNOW, right?

ok, for those of you that know me...*I* realize i'm socially-stunted and that this is way out of character for me - so, keep your fingers crossed that i can actually get through a class without tripping over something and pulling down a table or two somewhere along my descent.  just in case you do schedule a class with me, remember two things:  expect the unexpected and a concealable video camera is never a bad idea.  feel free to send me your local scrapbook store info and i will contact them to find out if they have an interest in scheduling a Tattered Angels class.

as far as on-line classes go, i'm still working out the details of them...watch for more information to come.  subscribe to my blog for in-your-inbox updates and remember:  shayna lives the easy life, shawna is the creative one.  so very important to not get the two confused :D

Monday, May 23, 2011

possibly new to you: 5

sew on your page...first off, i don't sew. but i love how it looks.  i used a punch to get my squares uniform (as my cutter LIES to me constantly) and then adhered them with a patch of adhesive (to be sure they stayed where i wanted them, as i am wont to knocking crap off of my table while working), and then just ran my sewing machine in a straight line.  i know, right?  the "straight line" was the hardest part of the layout, LOL!  i love the patchwork look...you can use all of the same patterned papers or mix it up with coordinating papers, like i did.

possibly new to you: 4

layering for a cool title...i ran vellum through the printer two separate times with different fonts in different spaces with different boldnesses.  a bit tricky, but i practiced on regular copy paper to get it just right.

possibly new to you: 3

sometimes a mistake is a cool thing.  evidently, i mounted this letter stamp upside-down...didn't notice it until i stamped it and thought "hey, cool variation on that mixed font thing".

possibly new to you: 2

using different fonts in your titles.  or maybe using upper and lower fonts of the same set...

possibly new to you: 1

add some detail with minimal effort. these are lacing loopy brads...could be used with floss, fibers, ribbons, jute, leather, pretty much anything you can tie.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

don't be scared...

it's a bit of a swerve from my norm - still me, just me trying to seem like an adult as opposed to my usual raunchy teenage-boy persona   :)

this is a place where i plan to show you my creative side.  truly scrapbooking/altering has been the one thing that i love to do that i don't completely suck at.  i might still sorta suck at it, but definitely not full-suckage ;)  i have plans to load pictures of projects here; past and upcoming.  sneak peeks and how-to's.  stick with me while i get this up and running...it'll be worth it.  if for no other reason than to snort at my attempts to keep shayna out of my craft room. you'll learn all about her later. [ok, maybe not all about her.  if i told you all about her...well, a) you'd be scarred for life and 2) you would probably want to lock her in chains and put her on display. i hafta protect my girl shayne at all cost.  i took an oath. it's what i do.]

those of you who really know me, know that there are very few things i have under control in my life.  when i create, it's still chaos, but it is an area where i do have a bit of actual control.  it's kinda fun to act like a "sorta"  grown-up sometimes. of course i have to lock myself in a room and isolate myself from the rest of the world.  if any actual video got out of me being all serious and junk it could ruin my street cred.  it's taken me years to earn that, jeebus, i'm not just gonna give it away.