Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a way-cool announcement :)

i have had the privilege of being selected as a Certified Educator for Tattered Angels out of Loveland, CO.  how cool is that?  my plan is to schedule on-line project classes as well as classes out in the field - you Californians watch for me at a scrapbook store near you.  i will be showing you some cool techniques and applications using Tattered Angels paints, as well as showcasing some of the newest products from Prima, Pink Paislee and Walnut Hollow.

i KNOW, right?

ok, for those of you that know me...*I* realize i'm socially-stunted and that this is way out of character for me - so, keep your fingers crossed that i can actually get through a class without tripping over something and pulling down a table or two somewhere along my descent.  just in case you do schedule a class with me, remember two things:  expect the unexpected and a concealable video camera is never a bad idea.  feel free to send me your local scrapbook store info and i will contact them to find out if they have an interest in scheduling a Tattered Angels class.

as far as on-line classes go, i'm still working out the details of them...watch for more information to come.  subscribe to my blog for in-your-inbox updates and remember:  shayna lives the easy life, shawna is the creative one.  so very important to not get the two confused :D


  1. woohhooo i'm so excited
    congrats to you

  2. Congrats! I didn't know TA was in Loveland. That's not to far from me. Gonna make any road trips this direction?