Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Grunge": the great cover-up

i am a very messy scrapper. i knock stuff over and i smear things that aren't dry and i smudge things with the colors from another project. my table is a disaster after i finish a, i discovered my "style" and i'm pretty sure i get to call it grungy. honestly, at times things are unfix-able and i have to start over again, but more often than not i kinda dig what turns out...
this shadow box is a GREAT example of Shawna - the disaster scrapper's messy thing of beauty :)  it started out as an unfinished wooden shadow box, some standard patterned paper and stark white cheesecloth:and soon became a variety of gorgeous Glimmer Mist Paints...i misted the box with a combination of Brown Sugar and Apple Glimmer Mists. i painted a top coating of Glimmer Glam in Chandelier to bring out the shine.

i held the cheesecloth in a loose ball and sprayed with bursts of Apple, Sugar Maple, Cranberry Zing and Pomegranate; opening, shifting and re-balling the cheesecloth after each color.

the patterned paper was pretty, but didn't match what i wanted to do; so i misted it with Apple Pomegranate and Cranberry Zing Mists.

the "remember" tag was white with raised velvet and clear embossing on it. i also used the Apple and Pomegranate colors to enhance it; brayering off the extra mist to get the resist to pop.

i used Apple and Pomegranate Mists and then Chandelier Glam on some of Tim Holtz's Grungeboard for accents. i didn't want them very dark, so after i applied the Apple and let it dry, i applied the Pom and brayered it off immediately afterwards. you see the flecks of the Pom, but it doesn't overpower the accent.

i sprayed some sinamay Mesh and silk flowers that i had (again, in the wrong colors) with Mist to get them to coordinate with the rest of my project.

a bit more fussing here and there and my finished project is just the right amount of grungabooty for me!

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