Tuesday, August 23, 2011

so, this one time...i spilled some TA product on a photo...

...ruining that copy of the photo of course, but in a really pretty way, LOL!  have you ever tried Tattered Angels products on photo paper?  i've been playing with it lately and have discovered some pretty cool results :)  keep in mind that my pictures blow, as usual, and you really can't appreciate the glimmer and shine plus the vibrant colors on the photo paper until you do this yourself...give it a shot :)
the Mists are neat because the colors are so bright!  you do have very little work time though, the inks settle in immediately. leaving them on a bit longer does give a bit more saturated color (below) - but pretty much what you spray (or flick, or drizzle or paint :D) is what you get...
i think my favorite Tattered Angels product on the photo paper is the chalkboard (below)...normally they result in a soft, dreamy, rapid-dry color, but on this paper...BAAAAM! they float and swirl and blend and make neato new colors with rings and auras around them :D you can use multiple colors of chalk or combine chalk and mist.
i haven't experimented as much with the glam or the glaze yet, but here is one i did with the chalkboard and some glam (below)- pretty stinkin cool!
one last thing i've been playing with is Tattered paints, shaving cream and photo paper.  it's a pretty cool technique - messy, of course, but you get some very nifty results (below). awesome for just the perfect background paper, look for more on this technique in an upcoming class! :D
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