Friday, December 13, 2013

i need a bump...and i think i've found it :D

i have been away for awhile...trying to maintain my mojo, but it simply cannot be forced sometimes :(

i subscribe to melody ross's "brave girls club" updates.  i'm sure some of you follow her and know who she is, for those of you that don't - she is an amazingly talented woman (think Chatterbox of past) who has been through some serious trials and tribulations.  She now runs an online (and real-life) art/enlightenment community for of the goals of BGC is as follows:

"We want every woman to feel safe in her dreams, safe in her weaknesses & frailties, safe in her strengths and accomplishments….safe in who she is and how she is and what she is. Brave Girls Club is a safe place to be just exactly who you are and who you are working to become."

i go back to this site time and time again.  i sometimes just find myself there.  not sure how i got there or when i logged in...just drift in and pick up where i left off last.  i can always find something that seems to speak directly to me.  like, seriously - someone-must-be-looking-into-my-windows-and-writing-shit-down, kind of speaking to me.

when i saw the "Soul Comfort" blog post pop up, i was drawn to the words that came across my screen.  as i read, tears welled up and i thought - once again - dammit melody, you are in my head!  the more i read, the more i realized that i wanted to be a part of this project, this class,  this, after a quick check of my finances...

i realized that i really couldn't afford it right now.

bummed out, i walked away from it and went on to some other things.  but, it kept nagging at me, i found myself saying "can i afford to NOT do it?"  i have been in a not-so-good place of late, mentally, emotionally and physically.  i have been questioning seemingly EVERY choice i have made and every direction i have gone in my life.  i have been severely blocked creatively and this makes my soul sad.

and so, i said "eff it, i'm doing it!"  i authorized a Christmas gift to myself - to my desperately comfort-deprived soul and for the first time in a long time, i am so stinkin' CREATIVELY excited, and it feels awesome :)

if your soul is sad or maybe just blah and you'd like to know what you can do to help it out of the funk, check out the blog post Soul Comfort.  if it looks like something you think you might like to do -even NEED to do - check out the supplies list and realize that it's really pretty simple and inexpensive.  maybe, just maybe it's something that would help you out and give you that spark of anticipation and excitement, you can take the class with me!!!  we could work on the prompts together and post pics and do creative girl stuff like that :)

c'mon, just check it out...can't hurt :)

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  1. Sounds like an amazing glad you gifted yourself..I'm in need of a bump in the head myself :/